Sunday, October 25, 2009

In Studio!

Hey guys! I’m in studio today with Kyle Lent and were making magic. We’ve made a lot of headway so far on the new EP, as we’ve already tracked drums, and all guitars! Everything is sounding unbelievably good and I am super excited about finishing up these new songs and getting them out to you guys!

This year has been soo messy for me but the awesome thing is that God has shown up in areas of life that I didn’t even realize I was missing Him! Throughout the past six months I have come to a place of complete brokenness, which if you have ever experienced it, you know that it’s not a fun place to be. However, It’s at these places (ironically) that we seem to see Him more clearly, and feel Him closer than ever.

I have personally never been more raw and completely wrecked out, but I will say that I have absolutely fallen in love with Christ all over again during this time and have found comfort in His arms. Seriously, it’s absolutely nuts to me how chaos can literally be breaking loose all around and nothing makes any sense at all, but yet in the midst you find the cross and it somehow makes all of the sense in the world. I can’t explain it. I guess that’s why they call it a peace that passes understanding huh? It blows my mind everything time! See right there when i just typed it... mind blowing up. You probably heard it!

Anyways, the reason why I’m so excited about this new EP is that the songs that I have chosen are birthed out of an extremely gritty and messy realization that in our brokenness we experience His magnificence. We may never look more like Christ than when we are on our face, bruised, battered, and in complete surrender. And our hope and joy is knowing that when the wind is blowing hard, and the debris is flying all around us, and the water is rising, we can look up with hands lifted high and simply whisper: My love is true, My love will see me through.

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